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About Our Foundation



          Prince Hall Charity Foundation's mission is to manifest our purpose through our charitable works by leveraging resources and encouraging stakeholders to partner with us as we invest in communities throughout New Jersey. We aim to be pillars of constancy and strength for our youth in low-income communities by providing resources to obtain post-secondary education. Additionally, higher rates of post-secondary education can help reduce intergenerational poverty and lead to overall societal benefits such as reduced crime rates, teenage parenthood, and infant mortality. 


     The purpose of the Prince Hall Charity Foundation is to provide our youth with developmental initiatives which assist with preparing for post-secondary education thereby breaking the cycle of low-income intergenerational poverty, while focusing on Mental, Medical, Social and Cultural change through higher education and community service. In addition, the goal is to enhance our efforts through youth empowerment and educational resources relevant to our own communities creating intergenerational mobility constituting change and success for the future.



        The Prince Hall Charity Foundation (PHCF) is the charitable arm of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, State of New Jersey. The foundation was created in 2006 under the leadership of the Most Worshipful Harry Mcdowell, Grand Master. The foundation's purpose is to build relationships with other organizations and corporate sponsors that will allow us to expand our college preparation program to more students. The implicit goal is improving financial conditions through supporting advancements in education which are proven to reduce generational poverty.

As shown to your right, the PHCF has been extremely active in numerous charitable endeavors. With a focus on food/clothing drives and hosting community events throughout the year, we have become a trusted and dependable resource in our neighborhoods and partnering organizations. Some of the different causes we stood behind are: Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (SOFIA), National Night Outs (multiple cities), Hurricane Harvey Relief, Back to School Drives (multiple cities), and several awareness walks for causes like autism, lupus, and breast cancer.

As shown to your left you will find a snapshot of how much money PHCF has donated over the last five years. With 2017 being the base, we were able to give 5X more the following year with Hurricane Harvey victims in both Texas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands being focal points. With the hardships of COVID-19 affecting everyone, PHCF was able to bounce back and help communities by recovering almost $200K the following year to donate.

As shown to your right, the PHCF is active in 67% of counties in the entire state of NJ. This does not include scholarship donations given over the past five years which equals over 125K. with Passaic, Mercer, and Burlington being the top three counties, PHCF is looking to grow and expand to all 21 counties in NJ.

Meet The Team

Clyde H. Horton

 President and CEO

Jimmy Barnes

Senior Vice President

Adrian C. Desroe

Vice President, COO (NJPHCF)

Eric Holmes (#5)

Board Chairman (NJPHCF)

Ernest Ray (#5)

Administrative Assistant



1st District

Lamar Bell (#5)

2nd District

Julius Badger (#40)

3rd District

Corbin D. Hare (#25)

4th District

Kimberly Folks (#42)

5th District

James W. Horne,Jr. (#17)

6th District

Charley F. Salley (#38)

7th District

Michael Hammond (#50)

8th District

Dennis Crawley (#52)

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